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Professional Tango Dancer & teacher, Choreographer, Artist.

Former owner of

Pasional Tango Club Buenos Aires/ NY/ Paris/ Costa Blanca/ Vienna.

Founder & artistic director of La Maison de Ginger.

Founder & director of Rosa de Tango.

Co-Founder & manager

of Concert Cycle Moment Musical.

Co-Founder & director



Photo: Emily Artmann 2021


Rosa Ginger Berg's entire life has always been devoted to art and dance in the most varied ways. She studied sculpture with Michelangelo Pistoletto and new media with Peter Kogler at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, the Argentine tango in Buenos Aires with some of the most accomplished masters of Tango history and fashion design at SITAM Vienna.


Celebrating art and her creativity has taken her to a wide variety of places around the world.

She has lived in Paris, New York, Buenos Aires, different cities of Italy and Spain and Vienna.


At the beginning she devoted herself to the fine arts, painting, photography and mixed media works, only to later find her artistic expression in the Argentine Tango and its unique culture. For more than twenty-five years she has worked internationally as a dancer, choreographer and trainer of the Argentine tango, as well as director of her own tango academy "Pasional Tango Club" (Buenos Aires / NY / Paris / Costa Blanca / Vienna) and "Rosa de Tango" and has taken part in numerous international festivals, film- and tango productions and organized tango trips, milongas, festivals etc.

For years she danced and taught with Carlos Forte-Berg (1999 to 2015),  starting with their own milonga in the famous Confiteria Ideal in Buenos Aires in 1999, they jointly founded the Pasional Tango Club in different continents / cities and were able to passing on their passion for the Argentine Tango to hundreds of students using a unique structured learning system that they created.

In 2019 Rosa founded her art jewelry label La Maison de Ginger parallel to her Tango activities.

Growing up in a family of artists and musicians, she assisted already as a child as a listener in the orchestra pit of the Graz Opera, where her father played the bassoon, in what was then and now the magical world of music and theater.

It were also her parents who opened up the world of Tango to Rosa when she was a child, when her mother invited her to an Astor Piazzolla live concert, where it all begun...

In eternal gratitude to her late parents she continues the process in art and dance.

Rosa Ginger Berg is also co-organizer, manager and founding member of the concert cycle Moment Musical alongside Patrick de Ritis.



Raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Martin is the third generation of a family with a long tradition that transmits Argentine tango internationally: from the firsts milongas held by his grandfather Leonardo Acosta in 1959 to the most recently established Argentine tango school in London by his father, Leonardo Alberto Acosta and his partner Tracey Tyack-King.

From 1999 to 2002, Martin was a student of María and Carlos Rivarola at the University of Tango to continue his learning until 2003. In the Same year he participated in the Tango World Cup, ranking among the finalists in the Salon Tango category. Martin has also been part of professional dance companies, such as R.E.A. Dance, with which he acted in the theater production "Broken Tango", "Tango Fatal" in Italy and Adriano Maurielo's company in the production of his work "Revelation" among others, Martín also appeared on MTV UK, in the video clip " The Music "(Lovelle & Ray Foxx).

In 2011, he won the first prize in the 3rd Open Show Dance of Andalusia. In addition, he performed at numerous events and festivals, including the South London Festival in 2011 and the Vienna International Tango Amadeus Festival in 2013 and 2014.

Currently Martin resides in Vienna directs the company "Our Tango" and organizes every year the Vienna Tango Congress



Professional Tango Dancer & teacher, Choreographer.

Former owner of Tango Atelier.

Founder of CIA Our Tango.

Founder of Vienna Tango Congress.

Co-Founder & director of


Rosa & MArtin




...met in 2013 in Vienna and shared over the years the scene in several dance productions and shows just as Maria de Buenos Aires, Concordia Ball, Tango for Inner Wheel or Le Grand Tango in Sardinia among others.


They have taught a series of classes and workshops together from 2016 and, after a break, restarted dancing and teaching together intensively and on a regular base in September 2021.

Throughout the artistic and pedagogic process and inspiration arouse the idea of creating a tango space together in order to provide a beautiful place to the Tango Community as well as passing on their vast united experiences to a growing group of Tango aficionados in Vienna.

It is their aim to provide you with high quality knowledge and make your experience at ONE TANGO a unique and valuable adventure in their relaxed and beautiful new studio.


Photo: Anico Herbst 2021

Photo: Raul Macias

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